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Acacia mucronata
(Narrow-leaf Wattle)

1-4 m x 2-5 m

Erect or spreading shrub with cream to yellow flower spikes.

Dry well drained soil. Full sun, semi-shade.

A showy shrub for a dry situation. Very rare in Melbourne.
Acacia paradoxa
(Hedge Wattle)

2-4 m x 2-5 m

Fast growing dense spreading shrub. Prickly tree, abundant large golden yellow balls.

Dry to moist well drained situations. Full sun, semi-shade.

A very ornamental wattle. A noxious weed in some rural areas.
Acacia pycnantha
(Golden Wattle)

3-10 m x 2-5 m

Erect or spreading small tree. Gold flower balls.

Well drained loamy soil. Tolerates light to moderate frosts. Full sun, semi-shade.

Australia's floral emblem. Fast growing and drought resistant. stictophylla (Acacia leprosa)
(Cinnamon Wattle)

2-4 m x 2-4 m

Fast growing small tree. Drooping, aromatic foliage with scented lemon ball flowers. 

Moist to well drained soils. Semi-shade to full shade.

Rare in Victoria. An excellent medium screening plant.
Acacia stricta
(Hop Wattle)

2-5 m x 2-4 m

Open, erect tree with lemon flowers.

Reliable in most clay soils often in moist areas. Full sun to full shade.

A quick growing low windbreak ideal for planting under existing trees.
Acacia verticillata
(Prickly Moses)

1-3 m x 1-3 m

Slightly weeping prickly tree, yellow flowers.

Tolerates both moist and dryish conditions in sandy, clay or rocky soils. Full sun, semi-shade.

A quick growing light screening plant. Seeds and pods provided food for Aborigines.
Allocasuarina littoralis
(Black Sheoke)

4-8 m x 2-5 m

Erect small tree, woody cones.

Bark on old trees is dark and deeply furrowed and is ideal for growing epiphytic orchids.
Banksia marginata
(Silver Banksia)

1-6 m x 1-4 m

Variable dense to open tree, yellow flower spikes.

Prefers good drainage tolerating soils which can be wet in winter and dry in summer. Full sun, semi-shade.

Bushy forms make excellent screening plants.
Banksia spinulosa
(Hairpin Banksia)

2-4 m x 2-5 m

Dense tree, narrow dark green toothed leaves, flowers are golden yellow spikes.

Prefers moist well drained soils but will tolerate dryness once established. Full sun, semi-shade.

An excellent shrub for growing under established trees. Can prune lightly.
Bursaria spinosa
(Sweet Bursaria)

2-6 m x 2-3 m

Upright shrub, masses of fragrant creamy-white flowers.

Well drained to moist soils. Full sun, semi-shade.

This easily grown plant is attractive in flower and fruit.
Cassinia aculeata

2-4 m x 1-2 m

Open, upright shrub. Aromatic, cauliflower heads of white flowers, or sometimes pink flowers.

Heavy, moist and well drained soils. Semi-shade.

 Cyathea australis
(Rough Tree-fern)

5-15 m high

Upright fibrous trunk. Dark green triangular fronds.

Moist well drained soil tolerating short dry periods and some sun once established. Semi-shade to full shade.

Not easily transplanted. 
 Dicksonia antarctica
(Soft Tree-fern)

2-12 m high 

Robust, erect trunk. Oblong fronds.

Moist humus-rich soil in humid high rainfall areas. Semi-shade to full sun.

Commonly sold as bare trunks in nurseries.
Goodia lotifolia
(Golden Tip)

1-5 m x 1-5 m

Fast growing tree with racemes of fragrant yellow pea flowers.

Moist to dry well drained soils, intolerant of alkaline soil. Full sun, semi-shade.

Very showy in flower. Prune after flowering.
Gynatrix pulchella
(Austral Hemp Bush)

2-4 m x 1.5-3 m

Open woody shrub to small tree. Hairy, heart-shaped leaves.

Well drained moist soil. Semi-shade.

Often profuse in flower. Prune regularly to avoid becoming straggly.
Hedycarya angustifolia
(Native Mulberry)

3-7 m x 4 m

Glossy dark green leaves with inconspicuous pale green flowers.

Rich, moist well drained soil. Dappled to full shade.

Fruit resembles a mulberry but is inedible.
Kunzea leptospermoides (Kunzea ericoides)

2-5 m x 2-4 m

Fast growing with long-stalked white flowers. Also dwarf, weeping form.

Adaptable, tolerating wet and dry periods. Full sun, semi-shade.

A very attractive shrub. Tolerates hard pruning.
Leptospermum grandifolium
(Mountain Tea-tree)

1.5-6 m high

Dense tree with large white flowers.

Moist to wet soil. Semi-shade to dappled shade.
Leptospermum lanigerum
(Wooly Tea-tree)

2-6 m x 1-3 m

Dense shrub or erect small tree. Attractive grey leaves, masses of white flowers.

Moist soils. Full sun, semi-shade. Scorparium (Leptospermum continentale)
(Prickly Tea-tree)

2-5 m x 1.5-3 m

Dense, erect tree, masses of white flowers. Both riparian and heathland forms.

Moist soils. Full sun, semi-shade.
Lomatia myricoides
(River lomatia)

2-5 m x 1-3 m

Small tree with perfumed cream flowers.

Moist well drained soils. Semi-shade to full shade. Tolerates short wet periods.

Attractive slow-growing small tree which flowers well in the garden with summer watering.
Melaleuca ericifolia
(Swamp Paperbark)

4-9 m x 2-6 m

Erect, open to bushy shrub or small tree. Masses of short cream brushes.

Moist or wet fertile soils, tolerating dry conditions once established. Full sun, semi-shade.
Melaleuca squarrosa
(Scented Paperbark)

2-5 m x 1-2 m

Erect, open to compact shrub. Cream to yellow brushes.

Moist to wet soils. Full sun, semi-shade.

An attractive shrub that responds well to pruning.
Olearia argophylla
(Musk Daisy-bush)

3-10 m x 3-5 m

Fast growing tall shrub, white flowers.

Moist, rich, well drained soils. Dappled and full shade. 

An attractive tree for a shady area.
Ozothamnus ferrugineus
(Tree Everlasting)

2-4 m x 2-4 m

Open rounded shrub. White flower heads.

Moist well drained soil. Full sun, semi-shade.
Pittosporum bicolor

3-10 m x 2-4 m

Upright bushy shrub or small tree. Single yellow bell-shaped flowers.

Moist, humus-rich, well drained soils. Semi-shade to full shade.

An interesting shrub for a shaded position.
Polyscias sambucifolia
(Elderberry Panax)

1-3 m x 1-3 m

Rounded shrub or small tree. Clusters of small yellow-green flowers. Edible fruits.

Moist soil. Semi-shade to full shade.
Pomaderris aspera
(Hazel Pomaderris)

5-12 m x 2-4 m

Variable shrub, hairy, deeply veined leaf. Masses of cream flowers.

Moist, well drained, humus-rich soil. Semi-shade to full shade.

A middle-story shrub or tree with interesting markings.
Pomaderris racemosa
(Slender Pomaderris)

2-5 m 1-2 m

Slender shrub. Dark green leaves, small clusters of yellow flowers. Growth is mostly erect.

Well drained soils. Semi-shade to full shade.

Ideal for planting in areas where space is limited.
Prostanthera lasianthos
(Victorian Christmas Bush)

2-8 m x 2-4 m

Compact small shrug or upright small tree. White flowers in Summer. 

Moist, well drained loamy soils. Full sun to full shade.

A spectacular tree in flower. juncea
(Golden Spray)

1.5-5 m x 1-2.5 m

Fast growing shrub, long drooping sprays of yellow flowers.

Poorly drained soils, tolerating salt and lime. Full sun.

Most attractive in flower.