Stop the Hanson Quarry Expansion

Hanson Quarry?

The Hanson Quarry is one of two open-cut hard rock quarries located on the southern side of 1140 Wellington Rd, Rowville/Lysterfield. Hanson took over from Pioneer concrete in 2000, and the site covers an area of approx. 162ha, and contains substantial reserves of high-quality stone comprising granodiorite and hornfells. These are extracted and processed on-site, and the quarry is located adjacent to Lysterfield State Park and Churchill National Park.

At a time when Knox has less than 3% remnant native vegetation remaining, Hanson is seeking a work plan variation application from Earth Resources Regulation to extend the life of the quarry to the southwest of the site which includes sites of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. This is controlled by the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990. The Quarry operates under a planning permit issued in 1999, and will apply for a new Planning Permit Application to Knox City Council. (Which falls under the Planning & Environmental Act (1987) and should represent the interests of the community.)

This area of the remnant bush was always intended as an extension of adjacent parkland and was subject to a Public Acquisition Overlay. On 28 May 2018, Knox Council supported the State Government’s proposal to remove the overlay thereby making possible the expansion of the quarry. This was done without informing residents. Also, the remnant bush and the likelihood of rare and endangered species was not considered.

The Expansion of 400m Buffer distance will allow the Hanson quarry to encroach 550m closer to the residential houses and Churchill National Park, (According to the EPA publication 1518 there is a buffer distance for quarries where blasting takes place – this is 500m.) The Quarry depth will increase by 15m, which will make the shielding of the benches and hills weaker which is an environmental time bomb digging a hole 15 Metres below sea level. As the current ground vibration is at 10mm/s and Air blast limits 120.00dba, while the current limit of extraction is already happening at 380m from the nearest resident. However, the current Australian standard is 5mm/s for ground vibration.

The proposed expansion has the potential to have many significant social and environmental impacts, via the removal of 46.5 acres of natural green wedge land. Which will lead to loss of native animal wildlife, a huge loss of biodiversity as flora and fauna habitats are destroyed. Moreover, adjacent eco-systems will be affected by noise, dust, pollution and contaminated water.

Residents living in Rowville and Lysterfield, are significantly impacted by the 2 hard rock Quarries (Boral and Hanson), as both quarries are located close to dense residential properties.

There are many issues presenting concerns:

  • Dust pollution: Our community is at risk from major health issues as dust from the quarry contains silicates which can lead to complicated health problems long term such as Asthma. With Wellington Village, three child care centers, a retirement village and a Mosque nearby, do we really want to subject our kids to increased levels of dust?

  • Noise pollution: Rock crushing and blasting occurs from 6am until 10pm from Monday - Saturday in a residential area.

  • Property Damage: Is one of the biggest concerns, residents having to settle with cracks in their homes from weekly blasting.

  • Multiple double-B trucks: The daily barrage of dust, sludge and exhaust produced by hundreds of trucks back and forth on Wellington Rd, trucks burning fuel and emitting CO2 and other oxides that contribute to the formation of acid rain. Dangerous road conditions: trucks have been caught running red lights, working at all hours of the day, and not forgetting working outside the designated hours of operations.

  • Pits and quarries: These disrupt the existing movement of surface water and groundwater; they interrupt natural water recharge and can lead to reduced quality of drinking water for residents and wildlife near or from a quarry site.

  • Visual Impact: The existing and proposed quarry is visual from Wellington Road and the majority of the surrounding area of Rowville, Lysterfield, Scoresby, Upper Ferntree Gully. Wheelers Hill, Upwey, Doveton and Endeavour Hills by the topography and vegetation, impact that the landscape around the proposed development, is well noticeable due to the existing terrain and the dense vegetation being removed. The screening results in the visual assessment concluding that there is a significant impact on views as a result of the proposal there will be more of an impact.

  • Environmental: The removal of indigenous vegetation and the loss of habitat for local fauna. The area is host to several vegetation types (EVC's - Ecological Vegetation Classes):

> Lysterfield Grassy Dry Forest - EVC 22 - Vulnerable

> Valley Grassey Forest - EVC 47 - Regionally Vulnerable

> Valley Heathy Forest - EVC 127 - Endangered

> Herb Rich Foothill Forest - EVC 23 - Least Concern

> Damp Forest - EVC 29 - Least Concern

> Grassy Forest - EVC 128 - Regionally Vulnerable

> Swampy Woodland - EVC Regionally Vulnerable

For more information on the the fauna and flora of the Hanson Quarry, please see Site 81. Lysterfield Hills in the Sites of Biological Significance, Volume 2 by Dr graeme Lorimer.

Expansion of the Quarry

Past expansion:

Proposed expansion:

How you can help:

> Donate to the Pozible campaign:

Rowville/Lysterfield Quarry Action group, and the Knox Environment Society are seeking vital support from the community and the public to raise funds in the engagement of:

  1. Environmental Engineer $250 per hr for 6 hrs for reading and assessing documents plus (4 hrs for preparing draft assessment report) Preparation of expert witness statement in format required by VCAT $5,000

  2. Ecologist Assessment $3,000

  3. Legal Planner $2,500

  4. Ground Water Surveyor

  5. Geotechnical advice $2500.00

  6. Social Impact

  7. Hydrology Expert $2,000

  8. VCAT fees. $870.80

  9. Most of all bring awareness to the community, regarding the expansion of Hanson Quarry into sensitive environmental Green Wedge area.

  10. Any left over funds will be used for a Community garden in Rowville/Lysterfield residents to enjoy.

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The following state MP's are the local representatives for the community and are aware of the campaign.

  • Kim Wells MP - State Member of Parliament for Rowville.

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