Save Lake Knox

What is Lake Knox?

Lake Knox? Heard of it? Most people haven't. It’s a name given by the locals in Knoxfield to a large deep water body that hosts a number of rare and endangered plant and animal species in and around it. Reading like an episode of Yes Prime Minister (for those who remember the series), the land is about to be sold to a developer.

Department of Environment vs the Environment

The current owner you ask is? Well it's the Victorian Department of Environment (DELWP).

But not only do they own it, their office sits at the other end of the site. So they literally look down from their offices (200m away) at one end of the block to Lake Knox.

Seams a little ironic surely?!

Well to complete the picture for you, DELWP are about to transfer the land over to a developer, with no care or real thought to what will happen to the rare and endangered species which call Lake Knox home. So to create a new housing development, an entire ecosystem, which has has taken 20years to naturalise must be destroyed?

We're not sure when DELWP thought it wasn't their responsibility to look after endangered species, OR most importantly to have a plan that would safe guard the survival of the plants on their site(and especially the animals who require the current ecology to be maintained).

What it comes down to is money. Plan and simple. Surprised?

Selling Off Threatened Habitat

The current proposal will see crucial deep-water habitat for the Blue-billed Duck lost. This duck is listed as endangered in Victoria, and the department's own action statement for the duck recommends ensuring important breeding sites are secured from further environmental degradation, and the protection, enhancement and restoration of key sites in parks, reserves and private land.

You'll see people include plans showing how "impressive" the new lake will look. How wonderful it will be for storm water management. How much bigger it will be. The devil is in the detail sadly. The lake will see the current ecology trashed. The Blue Billed Ducks will not return to the site as they require a deep large body of water for their habitat requirements. The area of the lake will expand, but it will lose 10million litres (or 1/3) of its capacity. The deep water body that it is, will not be recreated, and what you'll end up with is just another “wetland” that will become polluted once further stormwater is directed into it.

What it should be turned into is something like Blackburn Lake, where a balance is sought.

Planned development areas.

Conservation status:

These species have been observed here:

State (Victoria):

  • Endangered - Blue-billed Duck (Oxyura australis)
  • Rare - Floodplain Fireweed (Senecio campylocarpus)

Regionally (in Knox):

  • Critically engangered - Eel Grass (Vallisneria australis)
  • Critically engangered - Hairy Knotweed (Persicaria subsessilis)
  • Critically engangered - Small Mudmat (Glossostigma elatinoides)
  • Endangered - Hop Wattle (Acacia stricta)
  • Endangered - Tree Everlasting (Ozothamnus ferrugineus)
  • Endangered - Tasmanian Wallaby grass (Rytidosperma semiannulare)
  • Endangered - Narrow-leaf Cumbungi (Typha domingensis)
  • Endangered - Pale Flax-lily (Dianella laevis)

Source: Flora, Fauna and Native Vegetation Assessment 609-619 & 621 Burwood Highway Knoxfield by ECOCENTRIC Environmental Consulting dated 4th August 2017.

For more information on the conservation values of the site, please view the Ecological Assessment by Dr Graeme Lorimer.

Together we can stop this development!

Here are some of the ways that you can help!

Sign the petition

  • Sign the Petition on Change. org and share it with your friends on social media and email.

Social Media

Share or post the photo on social media and tag the following: #savelakeknox #savethebluebilledduck #knoxenvironmentsociety #knoxcitycouncil #nickwakelingmp #danielandrewsmp #delwp #developmentvictoria

Emails and letters

Please direct your letters of concern to:

03 8317 3400

Level 9, 8 Exhibition St, Melbourne 3000

  • Kieran Ryan - Planner, State Project Facilitation at DELWP

(03) 9637 8628

  • Nick Wakeling MP - State Member for Ferntree Gully

(03) 9758 6011

Unit 4, 91 Dorset Road, Ferntree Gully 3156

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Lake Knox

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