Community Ecology Surveys

Community ecology surveys after State Government failed.

The State Government failed to conduct proper ecology surveys. So what happens when over 140 members of the community focus on Lake Knox? They…

· identify 73 different species using Lake Knox!

· make 423 wildlife observations!

· record evidence the endangered Blue-billed Duck breeding, which the State Government denied!

The iNaturalist project ‘Wildlife of Lake Knox’, which recorded the community findings, can be here:

The endangered Blue-billed Ducks don’t use other wetlands in the area. Only Lake Knox has the right depth, established ecosystems and foodwebs.

Iconic Short-finned Eels migrate thousands of kilometres and end up right next to Lake Knox. This is key habitat for the cycles to continue and ensure their survival.

Thank you to the community for becoming Citizen Scientists and doing surveys the State Government should have done and ignored.