Low-Impact Living - Knox

Reducing the impact you have on the planet!

Are you conscious of the impact you are having on the planet? If you want to make better earth-conscious decisions in your life, than please join our community on Facebook. This group is for people who live in (or near) the City of Knox who would like to find better alternatives for common household items, reduce the amount of waste they produce in their homes, workplaces and life in general and make better decisions on how they dispose of any waste they do generate. This is a place to ask questions, share ideas and learn about things we can all do to reduce the impact we are having on our beautiful planet. We do not judge others on their decisions, we share helpful information and support each other.

Our Low-Impact Living Group draws inspiration from the 5 R’s of zero waste by Bea Johnson.

Refuse: Unnecessary stuff

Reduce: Your consumption ‍

Reuse: And repurpose things as long as possible

Recycle: Everything you can

Rot: Your biodegradable waste ▪

There are 5 more R’s we would like to follow also:

Research: Read, observe, question & get involved in eco-initiatives

Rethink: Challenge your habits, assumptions & beliefs

React: Respond to what you learn, see, hear & read with... action

Reach-Out: Be a role model, an activist, a teacher, an agent of change

Renew: It’s never too late to regenerate: To replant your garden, revitalize your efforts, rekindle your networks, revisit your thinking

Choose to reuse!