The Knox Environment Society regularly makes donations of indigenous plants to schools, kindergartens, child care and other community groups in the City of Knox region. We are conscious of having our plants grown locally to preserve local provenance.

Our policy is to provide one box free (up to 48 tubestocks) of any mixture of the species below with additional plants or other species at half price (where possible at $1 per tube) up to four boxes maximum. The availability of all plants and the price levied will be determined by their current availability and the value of any stock requested.

Goodia lotifolia – Golden Tip

Indigofera australis – Austral Indigo

Pomaderris racemosa – Clustered Pomaderris

Acacia stricta – Hop Wattle

Kunzea ericoides – Burgan

Goodenia ovata - Hop Goodenia

Lomandra longifolia – Spiny Headed Matt Rush

Poa ensiformis – Purple-sheath Tussock Grass

Poa labillardieri – Common Tussock Grass

Dianella longifolia – Pale Flax Lily

Stylidium graminifolium - Grass Trigger-plant

Patersonia occidentalis - Purple Flag

Diplarrena moreae – Butterfly Flag

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