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Bush Foods & Survival Plants - February 29th and March 1st

'Jamie Simpson has spent decades studying Melbournes Indigenous culture. Growing up in bushland on the Mornington Peninsula Jamie observed the seasonal changes within the environment and made particular observation of the edible and useful indigenous plant. Combined with further research into colonial archives he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Jamie is qualified with a Diploma of Horticulture and Training to be able to present his life's study, sharing this little known but extremely important information. His presentation includes looking at plant uses for survival. Identifying plants used for food, medicine and hardwares specifically to Melbourne area.'

For more information: Watch this space!

Knox Environment Society Objectives

  • To actively promote sustainability within Knox and the wider community;
  • To engage in projects and activities that monitor, protect and enhance the environment;
  • To work with stakeholders including government, the community and business to advance environmental and sustainability policies, programs and practices.

Our motto: "Principle before profit."

KES Indigenous Nursery

In 1985, the Knox Environment Society established what is believed to be one of the first indigenous nursery in Australia. The Indigenous Nursery is completely volunteer run and most of the money the Society earned through plant sales goes back into the community for environmental campaigns and projects, both locally and globally, such as the Sword-grass Brown Butterfly project, local wildlife carers, lobbying for better public transport and donations to other groups striving for similar objectives.

To find out more about what our Nursery volunteers do, please please see our Volunteering at the KES Nursery page.

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Cover Photo by Melissa Allen: Burchardia umbellata - Milkmaids