Gardens For Wildlife

Gardens For Wildlife - Knox

The Gardens for Wildlife (G4W) program is a free to join community of Knox residents wanting to provide habitat and help protect local biodiversity in their gardens.

The program is a partnership between the Knox Environment Society, City of Knox Council and local community and is designed to encourage residents and businesses in Knox to create an area in their garden for local wildlife.

Why join?

  • It's free!

  • An volunteer will visit your property to provide advice and answer any questions you may have about your garden space and the type of wildlife you would like to attract.

  • After your visit, you will receive a report that will include advice on weed removal, habitat creation and plant species specifically suited to your garden and the kind of habitats you wan to create (eg, small bird attracting, butterfly attracting etc.).

  • You will also receive a Gardens for Wildlife booklet and a letterbox plaque to help promote the program.

  • Help local fauna by providing safe habitat, food and shelter.

  • Help protect indigenous species from local extinction.

  • You get access to member only workshops and presentations.

  • Receive a voucher to 20 free plants from the KES Indigenous Nursery.

  • You will gain access to the Gardens for Wildlife Knox Facebook groups where members can share their gardening journeys, wildlife discoveries, ideas, inspirations and ask questions.

  • Access to the Biodiversity Buddies grants program.

  • There are no prerequisites for joining and no rules on how you should design your garden. Although the Gardens for Wildlife program encourages participants to remove invasive weed species and include some indigenous (local native) plants in their gardens any suggestions or advice is designed to complement existing plantings and assist you to create the look and feel you desire for your space.

How to join

Visit Knox City Council's website to register your property.

Please note

This program is available only to residents Knox City Council, to see if your local council has a program, please see Gardens for Wildlife Victoria.



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Partnership Agreement

The Gardens for Wildlife program in Knox is developed and delivered under a partnership agreement between Knox Environment Society, Knox City Council and the volunteers of the Gardens for Wildlife program. The partnership group is made up of representatives from Knox City Council, Knox Environment Society and volunteers from within the program and this group is responsible for shared decision making, accountability, development of the program and delivery of the program.

The partnership group meets together monthly to discuss matters at hand and progress the activities of the program. Together, we co-sign the path forward and with equal voice, addressing operational matters, roles and responsibilities, planning and celebration of our achievements.