Membership with the KES

Would you like to get involved in helping to improve your local environment? KES always welcomes new members. The only prerequisite is enthusiasm!

Benefits of Membership

  • Be a part of a group with over 35 years history of protecting and preserving our local environment.

  • Monthly Kestrel newsletter.

  • Access to discounted books.

  • Enables you to be a part of our campaigns and projects.

  • Enables you to volunteer with us and at our Indigenous Nursery.

  • You are covered by our insurance when volunteering with us.

  • Free workshops and presentations on all manner of environmental topics.

  • Enables you to vote at Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings.

  • Be counted! When the KES campaign for environment issues, we are speaking on your behalf. For example, if we write a submission against the removal of trees on a property, then we are not one, we are many!

  • Meet like-minded people and make new friends!

Where does your membership money go?

  • Covers insurance if you decide to volunteer with us or attend any of our events.

  • Towards running local campaigns designed to protect our environment from development, unnecessary habitat loss and other local issues.

  • Towards education programs and events including informative displays, guest speaking at Scouts and community groups and displays at local festivals just to name a few.

  • Donations to local community groups for projects s and to national environment groups such as Environmental Justice Victoria and Sea Shepherd Australia.

Types of membership

  • Individual: A membership covering one person

  • Concession: A membership covering one person holding a concession or pensioner card

  • Family: Members of one family living at the same address

  • Organisation: A incorporated community group


  1. To join, you must agree to support the objectives of the KES and abide by its rules.

    • To actively promote sustainability within Knox and the wider community.

    • To engage in projects and activities that monitor, protect and enhance the environment.

    • To work with stakeholders including government, the community and business to advance environmental and sustainability policies, programs and practices.

  2. Your application may take up to 31 days to be processed.

  3. We will never disclose any personal information you supply us with to anyone outside of the KES without your permission.

Sign me up!

If you would like to join the Knox Environment Society, please download your preferred method of form and follow the instructions on the form. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Online Membership Form.

Printed Membership Form.

Membership Renewals

Memberships need to be renewed each financial year. To renew your membership, please download your preferred method of renewal and follow the instructions on the form.

Online Membership Form.

Printed Membership Form.

Cover photo by Melissa Allen: Hibbertia riparia - Erect Guinea Flower