Established in 1985 it is believed that this was the first indigenous nursery in Australia. Come and visit the Community Nursery where a wide range of local indigenous plants may be purchased at very affordable prices. Most of our plants are sold in 50mm tubes. Some are available in 15 or 30 cm pots. Tubestock grow faster than those in the larger pots.KES endeavours to represent its available stock as accurately as possible. However, since some items sell out quickly, we cannot guarantee that these items will be always on hand.Much of the Nursery's stock goes toward revegetation projects. In aiming to preserve and cultivate indigenous plants for members of the public, KES is able to promote the benefits of indigenous plants and gardens while funding its many projects.

In 2009 retail nursery sales exceeded 15,000 plants enabling us to make over $25,000 of donations to the community. The nursery is increasingly specialising in selling rare plants as well as supporting the community in a range of other ways. KES have managed to replant many areas that have been cleared during urban development.

All plants grown and sold by the Knox Environment Society are of local provenance. All propagation material is collected under permit number 1/70/99/14 and under strict guidelines to protect and preserve the genetic integrity of our indigenous flora.