Current Campaigns 

These are campaigns and projects currently run or supported by the KES .

The State Government is planning a high density development, blocks will be small, possibly breaching Council’s Foothills Policy.

The old Boronia Heights Secondary College site is valuable for its vegetation including 11 locally endangered species. This also includes one of the "Lone Pine" trees propagated after World War I and is an important spot for recreation and sports.

Don't want to see your purchases go to landfill but don't know to to or can't afford to fix them? 

Why not bring them along to our next repair session!

Salvation Army Land in The Basin is expected to be developed in the near future, however the land is home to many local and rare species.

In Melbourne's East, the Swamp Skink (Lissolepis coventryi) and the Glossy Grass Skink (Pseudemoia rawlinsoni) are under significant threat due to the impacts on their habitat through rapid urbanisation, the draining of wetlands and polluting of waterways and changes in climate.  Over the last few decades, survey efforts have recorded declining numbers of these skinks.  

Rail transport is one of the most energy efficient modes of transport. With greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometer for rail transport being up to five times less than that of car transport, it is a good long term solution to reducing our impact on the planet. 

Fund Rowville Rail is a community driven initiative to provide information that supports the call for action on building of a railway line to Rowville.