Volunteering with the KES

KES Committee

The KES Committee consists of 10 members who are responsible for the smooth running of the Society. The committee must have the following five roles filled along with five general members (who may also hold other roles within the society).

  • President

  • Vice-President

  • Secretary and Membership Officer

  • Treasurer

  • KES Indigenous Nursery Liaison

  • General Member's (5)

Other Roles

  • Newsletter Editor

  • Political Adviser

  • Website Administrator

  • Social Media Officer

  • Media Officer - Newspaper articles

Events Team

  • Events Coordinator

  • General members

- Assist with setting up and helps with stalls at community events such as National Tree Day and Stringybark Festival.

- Assist with catering if required

- Talks and guest speaking


The KES often have several Sub-committee's running depending on current focus.

Sub-Committee's are usually focused on current Campaigns and Projects.

If you are interested in any role, please chat to a Committee Member or email the committee at info@kes.org.au

Cover photo by Melissa Allen: Cyathea australis - Rough Tree-fern