We are proactive in conservation. Our volunteer organisation has instigated, formulated, promoted and carried out a number of projects:

  • The Swordgrass Brown Butterfly Project - protect and revegetate habitat of a locally threatened species of butterfly.
  • "Public Transport First" - campaign to ensure that public transport needs will be addressed by Government.
  • Protection of "Bateman Street" Bushland - in partnership with Vic Roads (the present owner) and Council, continue program to eradicate weeds and rubbish and work to preserve this unique bushland of Knox.
  • Indigenous Nursery - propagate and sell plants indigenous to Knox. Promote appreciation and planting of our local flora.
  • Profits from Nursery Sales - used to support other environmental groups or activities.
  • Water Quality Testing - measure and test monthly contamination levels in our waterways. The data collected is sent to Waterwatch (Melbourne Water) for assessment.
  • Preservation of Bushland Reserves and Support Friends Groups - Koolunga, Wicks, Morris, Chandler Hill, Lysterfield & Churchill Park and Dandenong Police Paddocks.

The Society continues to seek positive environmental outcomes for Knox wherever possible.