Volunteering @ KES Nursery

Volunteering at the KES Indigenous Nursery

There are numerous volunteering opportunities at the KES. No prior experience is required as all new volunteers are looked after and trained by other volunteers to ensure confidence and enjoyment by everyone.  See our retail volunteers in action on YouTube

Plant Sales

The Indigenous Nursery is open 3 days a week. Two volunteers are required for thee hour shifts each day to look after our customers.  

Thursday 10 – 1               

Thursday 1 – 4                 

Saturday 10 – 1                

Sunday 10 – 1


Seed Cleaning and Sorting (The “Seedy Ladies")

A group meets on Thursdays at the nursery to clean and sort the seed collected on Saturdays. This is a very important part of our work to protect the genetic diversity of local species. See our "Seedy Ladies" in action on YouTube


Seed and Cuttings Collection (The "HAGS" – Hunters and Gatherers/Saturday Morning Crew)

A group goes out on Saturday mornings from 8:30 – 11 into reserves within Knox to collect seed and cuttings for propagation. 



Volunteers participate in seed-sowing, pricking-out and potting up on Wednesdays and Saturdays (and sometimes Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays). See our propagation volunteers in action on YouTube


General Maintenance

General maintenance work is carried out by handy volunteers at working bees and on Saturday mornings. This can include any number of activities including painting, building, repairs and other d jobs.



Volunteers maintain our gardens both inside and around the nursery site. They can participate in planning, planting and weeding.


Nursery Presentation

Volunteers help keep sales area clear of fallen leaves and sticks, remove weeds from plant boxes, restock plant name tags and help with general cleaning. These are very important jobs to reduce the spread of molds and disease among our stock. 


Leadership Roles

Nursery Sub-Committee 

The KES Indigenous Nursery Sub-Committee meets once per month to ensure the smooth running of the nursery and make plans for the future. 

The Sub-Committee consists of:

Cover photo by Melissa Allen: Epacris impressa - Common Heath