Nature Strip Plantings

Bringing Nature back into Nature strips!

With only 4%  native vegetation or areas with indigenous plants left in Knox, and open space disappearing by the second as townhouses, units and apartment buildings springing up across the municipality, it is imperative that we take every opportunity to create new "natural" areas wherever we can!

This is why we were very excited when in 2020, Knox City Council changed their Green Streets Policy to allow the planting of residential nature strips!

What you CAN do

With permission:

What you CAN'T do

Planting guidelines


Irene Kelly's Naturestrip makeover - Putting “nature” into nature strips.

Local species lists for different planting conditions  - Naturestrip Planting Lists.

Nature Strip Information Night Webinar.

Naturestrip Planting Guidelines brochure.

Knox City Councils Green Streets Policy.