Nature Strip Plantings

Bringing Nature back into Nature strips!

With only 4% native vegetation or areas with indigenous plants left in Knox, and open space disappearing by the second as townhouses, units and apartment buildings springing up across the municipality, it is imperative that we take every opportunity to create new "natural" areas wherever we can!

This is why we were very excited when in 2020, Knox City Council changed their Green Streets Policy to allow the planting of residential nature strips!

What you CAN do

  • Plant small shrubs, grasses and groundcovers which grow up to 50cm tall.

  • Plant species which grow larger, provided you keep them pruned to 50cm.

  • Plant indigenous, native and/or non-invasive exotic species.

  • Use fine gravel or mulch.

With permission:

  • You are allowed to grow edible low growing plants, however often the soil in naturestrips can be contaminated with pollution from vehicles and the road surface, therefore you must provide a soil contamination report for this to be approved.

What you CAN'T do

  • Install a watering system.

  • Add artificial turf.

  • Add trees or remove existing street trees.

  • Include hard objects such as bird baths, bricks, concrete, garden edging, stakes, logs, rocks/pebbles/stones and wood.

  • Plant species which grow taller than 50cm.

  • Block line of site for pedestrians and vehicles.

  • Plant without a permit.

Planting guidelines

  • Planting must be at least 50cm back from the curb to allow people to enter and exit their vehicles and properties safely.

  • Adequate space must be provided for bin collections.

  • Plants must be kept pruned to a maximum of 50cm high to ensure clear sight lines between the road and footpath.


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