Billardiera scandens - Velvet Appleberry

To 1.2 m high

Thickish, oblong, dull green leaves.

Light climber, pale bell flowers.

Berries were eaten by Aborigines.

Calystegia marginata - Forest Bindweed

Twining stems to 1-2 m

Creeper with arrow-shaped leaves and white to pink funnel-shaped flowers.

Moist to wet areas; semi-shade to full shade.

Masses of short-lived flowers are produced. Regular pruning is beneficial. Water during dry periods.

Clematis aristata - Austral Clematis

Climbs to 15+m

Vigorous climber with masses of creamy white starry flowers.

Feathery seed heads persist on the female plant for some time.

Clematis microphylla - Small-leafed Clematis

Climber to 5m high

Dense climber.

Masses of starry cream flowers and fluffy seed.

Well drained soils; full sun, semi-shade.

Glycine clandestina - Twining Glycine

Twining 0.3-2 m high

A slender, open twiner with bluish-mauve pea flowers.

Stiff, hairy leaves.

Moist well-drained soils tolerating dry periods once established; semi-shade to full shade.

Glycine tabacina - Vanilla Glycine

Stems 0.2-2 m long

 A perennial with racemes of blue to purple flowers.

Well drained soils, tolerating dryness once established; full sun, semi-shade.

Not tolerant of a heavy frost.

Aborigines chewed the liquorice-flavoured tap root.

Hardenbergia violacea - Purple Coral Pea

Open creeper or wiry scrambler.

Leathery dark green ovate to lanceolate leaves.

Axillary sprays of 10-30 purple pea flowers.

Well drained soils; full sun, semi-shade.

Pandorea pandorana - Wonga vine

Scrambler or climber 6+ m

Dense and vigorous climber.

Glossy dark green leaves, cream bells.

Moist well drained soil; full sun, semi-shade.

Very showy when in flower. Grows well amongst established trees or over a pergola.

Rubus parvifolius - Small-leaf Bramble

0.6-2 m x 0.5-3 m

Rambling small shrub to trailing plant covered in hooked thorns.

Short terminal sprays or single axillary deep ping flowers.

Well drained soils; semi-shade to full shade.

Can be trained as a climber.