Book Reviews


Bird Identification 

The Michael Morcombe eGuide to Australian Birds 

An excellent field guide for over 790 bird species of Australia! Search for species Alphabetically, by Taxonomy   o use the Smart search to describe the bird you are looking for.  With the ability to filter results by location and features, you will never be left wondering "what was that?" because you didn't want to take a book out with you. 

The App is not free, but given it is a whole book on your phone with the added advantage of being able to listen to sound recordings, record your sightings and use the Smart Search, it is well worth the investment!

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Wetland Birds App - Birdlife Australia 

An excellent free app featuring 63 of the most common wetland birds in Australia, features drawings, photos, sound recordings and maps. 

Available on iTunes and currently in development for Android (Nov 2018)

Aussie Backyard Bird Count - Birdlife Australia

Designed to be used during the Aussie Backyard Bird Count each October, the app has a field guide which can be used all year round too!

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Mixed Identification (birds, mammals, fish, frogs, insects...)

Field Guide app to Victorian Fauna - Museum Victoria

Explore Victoria's unique and diverse wildlife at home or in the great outdoors with Museums Victoria’s free Field Guide app. This free app holds descriptions of over 950 species, including birds, mammals, fishes, reptiles, frogs and invertebrates from terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Other Helpful Apps

Snap Send Solve 

Snap Send Solve is an app designed for the quick and easy reporting of problems such as dumped rubbish and vandalism to your local council. 

You can also send detailed reports on injured wildlife without having to wait on the phone and try to describe where you are. Just Snap a photo, check your location on the map and Send it off for be Solved. 

FeralScan - PestSmart

FeralScan is a free resource for the community to map sightings of pest animals, record the damage they cause, and document or plan control activities in their local area. 

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

The Waterbug App - The Waterbug Company

The Waterbug app is a free app and helps you identify waterbugs from South-eastern Australia. Use the key to answer questions that help you identify your waterbug, or whizz through speedbug and see if you recognize it.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

FunKey - Australian Government

FunKey is the first comprehensive, interactive key to the genera of agarics in Australia. Agarics are macrofungi with lamellae, commonly known as mushrooms or toadstools. 

Available on iTunes and Google Play.