Friends of Old Joes Creek

The Friends of Old Joes Creek

The Friends of Old Joes Creek is a group dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the bushland surrounding Old Joes Creek in Boronia. The group formed in 2004 and have worked hard to restore the areas of bushland on Knox City Council land to a healthy state through weeding, indigenous planting a litter removal. In particular, the friends group have worked with the KES to protect and enhance the habitat or the locally rare and threatened Sword Grass Brown butterfly.

The Friends group also look after adjoining bushlands Ramon Cowling Reserve and Lucas Close Reserve.

Aims of the FoOJC

  • To conserve and build on areas of remnant indigenous vegetation

  • To control weeds in remnant areas

  • To restore degraded areas

  • To maintain and increase the population of the rare and endangered Sword Brown Grass Butterfly

  • To protect and increase populations of endangered and vulnerable indigenous species including Pink Heath epaceris impressa, Victoria’s floral emblem.


The Firends of Old Joes Creek meet on the third thursday of each month at 9am (excluding Dec and Jan).

  • Weed removal

  • Planting

  • Litter removal

  • Orchid monitoring

Please check our Calendar for more information.

Old Joes Creek
Three founding members celebrate the friends group's 10th anniversary.
Daviesia latifolia - Hop Bitter-pea


Old Joes Creek Reserve/Retarding Basin is located between Army Rd and Dorset Rd in Boronia.

The Friends Group meet on the corner of Market St and Army Rd.


Contact: Rob La Marca

Telephone: 0403 319 804





Clean Up Australia Day


10th Anniversary planting (2014)

Clean Up Australia Day

Celebrating 10 years of commitment to the environment

Beautiful scenery